Fiction is an art. Nonfiction is construction.

Grazie al blog di Antonella Beccaria, Xaaraan, ho scoperto questo interessantissimo articolo apparso sul The New York Times a firma Bryan Burrough che si intitola Death in Wyoming. Una specie di recensione al libro The Legend of Colton H. Bryant di Alexandra Fulle. In realtà è solo uno spunto per parlare della differenza nel raccontare una storia di fantasia e una storia realmente accaduta.

“If one compares a book to a house, the primary difference between the novelist and the nonfiction author is that novelists can build the most glorious mansion with nothing but their minds. With apologies to writers like Tom Clancy and Tom Wolfe, who actively research their books, a novel, for the most part, is just a dream on the page. The nonfiction author, however, must build his house by tramping into the woods of society day after day, rooting through the underbrush for just the right wood; then he must fell the trees, haul them back to his site and assemble his dwelling log by log, nail by nail, all the while keeping in mind that if one plank is out of place, someone will howl.”

Se vi interessa potete continuare a leggere l’articolo qui.


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